HR Monitor Employee Engagement Software

Skinney-Þinganes has signed a 1-year contract with the company HR Monitor for the use of the software solution of the same name. HR Monitor measures key aspects of human resources by sending short surveys to all company employees either monthly or every other month. The questions are designed so that it only takes two minutes to answer.

All answers received are completely anonymous – and therefore no background information is requested, such as, age, how long you have worked for the company or gender.

The first measurement was conducted at the end of September, and it was great to see the response rate, a total of 242 employees participated or 83%. The results of the measurement showed good results in the company, and it will be exciting to continue this important work.

After the measurement was completed, two 20,000 kr.  gift certificates from 66 ° North were drawn among the departments that achieved their response rate goal. One gift certificate went to an employee of the company at the fish plant in Þorlákshöfn and the other went to a fisherman on Þinganes SF-25.



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